7 Safety Tips for Gas 壁炉

7 Safety Tips for Gas 壁炉

燃气壁炉可以把一个沉闷的起居区变成一个温暖而诱人的空间, even on the chilliest of nights. 与燃木壁炉相比,燃气壁炉使用简单方便. You do not need logs and kindling to light them. 你所需要做的就是按下一个按钮或扳动一个开关,让一个舒适和舒适的火. When you want to extinguish the fire, you simply turn the fireplace off.

As with any heat-producing appliance in your home, 使用燃气壁炉时要注意一些安全问题. 这些燃气壁炉安全提示将有助于保护您的家和家人,并让您最大限度地利用您的壁炉.

1. Never Leave Your Fireplace Unsupervised

如果你只在房间里使用你家的壁炉,你会得到最大的使用和享受. Gas fireplaces and their protective glass can still get hot to the touch. 这意味着你或另一个成年人需要帮助让孩子或宠物远离壁炉,以免他们烧伤自己. You also want to ensure nothing flammable, 如玩具, 书籍或毯子, gets left 太 close to the fireplace. 

如果卧室里有壁炉,或者你偶尔把客厅当成客房, is it safe to sleep with the 燃气壁炉 on? 一般来说, your best option is to turn the fireplace off before going to bed, whether you will be sleeping in the same room as it or not. 这样做可以减少壁炉被忽视的潜在问题的风险.

2. Always Double-Check Your Safety Screens

As of 2015, 燃气壁炉s with glass fronts need to include a protective barrier if the temperature of the glass gets higher than 172 degrees F. The requirement is in response to reports of people, 特别是儿童, being burned after touching the glass front of a fireplace. The safety screens provide a barrier between the heat and the person or animal, helping to reduce the risk of burns.

而在2015年第一天之后生产的壁炉需要包括保护屏障, older 燃气壁炉s might not have one in place. If that is the case for your home’s fireplace, you can retrofit it with one. If your fireplace does have a safety screen, it is important to make sure it is installed properly and securely. 在年度检查中, 明升亚洲手机版能源公司的经过认证和培训的技术人员可以确认安全屏幕是否已经就位,或者在需要时可以重新安装它.

在你的壁炉上保持聪明是值得的,即使安装了适当的安全屏障. When the fire is burning, avoid touching the screens and glass fronts. 

3. 让孩子离开


It is never 太 early to teach your kids about fireplace safety. 从很小的时候, 和你的孩子谈论火灾的风险,向他们解释远离壁炉的重要性. 如果你不确定如何告诉你的孩子火灾可能导致的烧伤和其他伤害, ask your family’s pediatrician for advice. 他们可以指导你如何在不造成过度恐惧或创伤的情况下,向年幼的孩子传达情况的严重性.

在家里, 制定一条规定,除非有成年人在场,否则孩子们不能待在着火的房间里, 太. 如果你有大一点的孩子和青少年,让他们明白这条规则也适用于他们.

如果你的燃气壁炉有一个遥控器,把它放在一个安全的地方,远离儿童. 你甚至可以把遥控器放在一个单独的房间里,或者放在一个有锁的柜子或抽屉里,只有家里的成年人可以访问或知道解锁密码. 减少小孩按点火按钮或拨动开关打开壁炉的机会, 考虑把按钮或开关安装在他们够不着的高度. If the fireplace is already installed and the switch or button is child-height, purchase a switch plate cover to keep small hands away.

Finally, protect your children while your family enjoys the fireplace together. Arrange the seating in the room so that it is a safe distance from the fire. 你也可以考虑用胶带在地板上画一条线,着火时孩子们不能穿过. Place the line several feet from the fireplace.

5. Give Your Fireplace Some Space

虽然你可能想聚集在壁炉周围,因为它在晚上燃烧, remember not to get 太 close to it. 当你和你的家人在壁炉前放松时,保持至少3英尺的距离. 

In addition to keeping people and pets a safe distance from the flames, it is also a good idea to keep any objects at least 3 feet away. This is especially true for items that are flammable, 纺织等, 造纸材料及家具. If you have throw rugs in the room that the fireplace is in, make sure they are at least 3 feet from the front of the fireplace as well. 

而电子设备, such as televisions and stereos, are not likely to catch fire if they are 太 close to the flames, they can be damaged by the heat of the fire. 与他们保持安全距离. If you are going to mount a television onto a wall, it is a good idea to choose a wall that is not directly above your fireplace.

Is there anything you can keep next or right in front of the fireplace? 燃气壁炉不需要像火钳或铁锹这样的工具,而木材壁炉则需要. 虽然你可以把它们放在你的旁边,但它们对壁炉的操作不是必需的.

6. 安排年度检查

每年对您的燃气壁炉进行一次调整和检查,将有助于确保它继续安全运行. It can also save you money in the long run, 因为检查可以发现任何小问题之前,他们需要重大和昂贵的维修. 在检查, 你可以期待有资格的技术员检查壁炉是否正常点火, inspect the safety system and check the fan operation. 他们还将清洁壁炉,包括玻璃正面,并将检查通风口和烟囱.

为了确保你的壁炉每年都能得到它需要的关注,你可能会考虑报名参加一个 服务协议 明升亚洲手机版能源. An annual 服务协议 includes inspection and cleaning, as well as the replacement of many common parts. To make things more convenient for you, you can sign up for multiple 服务协议s, such as one that protects your home’s HVAC system or heating system. 与明升亚洲手机版 Energy签订一项以上的服务协议可以帮助您节省资金. It also ensures all of your home’s valuable equipment is adequately protected.

7. Contact a Professional With Any Concerns

您不限于工作与专业的壁炉技术员一年只有一次. If anything about your 燃气壁炉 seems out-of-sorts or unusual, 你最好的办法是与专业人士取得联系,让他们出来看看情况. Some signs that your fireplace needs attention include:

  • 玻璃模糊不清或很脏: 燃气壁炉的玻璃前面需要保持清洁,以便在打开壁炉时可以监控火焰. You might be able to clean the glass yourself, 使用标准窗户清洁剂, 而是为了最好的结果, it is usually recommended that you have a professional do the job.
  • 你注意到一股奇怪的气味: Your 燃气壁炉 might produce an unusual odor for a few reasons. 可能是灰尘或碎片进入壁炉,目前正在被火焰燃烧. Some smells are more concerning than others, though. 例如, if you notice a smell like burning cables while your fireplace is on, switch the fireplace off and call for service right away. 如果你闻到臭鸡蛋的味道,关掉壁炉,离开家拨打911. The rotten egg smell might be a sign of a gas leak.
  • 壁炉不着火: Your 燃气壁炉 should light up when you push the button or flip the switch. If it does not, a number of things might be amiss. There might be a problem with the pilot light, for example. A fireplace that doesn’t ignite is not an emergency situation, so you will not have to evacuate your house. 只需将开关拨回关闭位置,并打电话给明升亚洲手机版能源公司,请技术人员出来查看.
  • The fireplace is making noise: 当一切正常运行时,你的壁炉在打开时将会非常安静. 如果你注意到很大的噪音, 比如尖叫声或隆隆声, it can be a sign that something is wrong with the blower. It is not an emergency situation, 但是关掉壁炉并安排一个技术员来检查是一个好主意.

Let 明升亚洲手机版 Energy Answer All Your Questions About Gas 壁炉

明升亚洲手机版能源致力于成为南马里兰州的家庭舒适供应商. 除燃油输送和加热冷却设备安装更换外, 我们还提供 燃气壁炉 安装和更换. 如果您正在考虑在您的家里安装一个新的燃气壁炉或想更换一个旧的模型, 明升亚洲手机版 要了解更多. 我们训练过的, certified technicians will visit you at your home to discuss your needs, recommend fireplace options and discuss fireplace safety with you.