Top 10 选择正确的熔炉的提示 for Your Home

Top 10 选择正确的熔炉的提示 for Your Home

其中一件事应该是在你的家庭维护待办事项清单的顶部是维修你的家庭加热器. 在维修你的炉子的过程中, you may discover that it is not operating the way it used to. It might not be putting out the level of heat you need, or maybe it is not heating at all. 也许去年冬天的能源账单耗尽了你的钱包,让你想在今年找到一个替代品. 以下是如何知道是不是时候更换你的炉子,以及在购买新炉子时应该注意什么. 



有时,炉子只需要好好清洁一下,稍微保养一下,就能使它正常工作. But, sometimes it is going to cost more to fix the problem than to replace the entire unit. 在一般情况下, 有四个迹象表明,也许是时候买一个新炉子了,而不是继续修理你的旧炉子:

1. 炉子很旧

The average lifespan of a furnace is between 10 and 15 years. 如果它是 15岁以上, it may be more cost-effective to purchase a new one rather than repair the old one. 新炉子也将比10年或15年的炉子节能得多. 

2. 炉子需要经常修理

If you are frequently calling in a professional to repair your furnace, 也许是时候跟你以前的单位说再见了. 随着时间的推移,一个需要定期维修和维护的炉子的成本将比购买一个新的炉子的价格更高. If you are concerned about the cost of a new furnace, 明升亚洲手机版 Energy offers 特价和折扣 不时地帮你省钱. 融资也是可行的 使新熔炉的成本更易于管理.

3. 你的能源账单在上涨

你的能源账单在上涨吗? 尽管石油价格会波动,由于供求关系,某些季节的价格可能高于其他季节, 你的能源账单可能增加的另一个原因是,为了让你的家保持舒适,你的炉子正在更加努力地工作. 

当熔炉开始老化, 它可能开始频繁地循环或不均匀地加热房间-例如过热的主卧室,但让你的客厅感觉寒冷. Older furnaces also have a lower annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) ratio than newer, 更节能的车型. The AFUE rating measures how much of the energy used is turned into heat for the home. A furnace with a 90% AFUE ratio converts 90% of fuel energy into heat. The remaining 10% might be lost in the ductwork or up the chimney. 你的炉子可能会显示它的AFUE评级 需要更新的模型. A certified technician can also measure the AFUE for you when they service the equipment. 如果你的单位的AFUE低于80%, it is probably time to start looking for a replacement.

4. 你看到了腐蚀的迹象

当一个旧的模型炉开始死亡, homeowners often report that they find rust on or around their furnace. They may also see cracks or corrosion on or around the unit. 旧炉子有时会冒出灰尘, 污垢, 煤烟或铁锈颗粒进入房子的其他区域. Many homeowners also report that they start having humidity problems in their house.



如果是时候换一个新的熔炉了,很容易就会被所有的选择淹没. 通过考虑你的家和你的需要来保护你自己免于选择过多——这样可以缩小选择范围. Once you have these in mind, selecting the right unit will not be such a daunting task.

1. 燃料来源

在今天的市场上,你可以购买使用天然气、丙烷、石油或电力的炉子. 最简单的办法就是买一个炉子,用你家里现有的东西烧. 毕竟, 如果你家里目前没有燃气管道, 那么以天然气为动力的火炉将无法工作. 然而, if you have been considering switching to a more efficient fuel source, 在你购买新炉子的同时,改造你的家庭系统是最好的方法. 你不会想买一个炉子,然后在一两年内,当你转换你家的燃料来源时,不得不买另一个炉子. 这些天, natural gas-powered furnaces are generally considered to be the most efficient option, so if you have gas lines already or you are prepared to convert your home to natural gas, doing so can ultimately save you on your energy bills.

2. 类型的系统

一些家庭有一个包装系统,运行的热量和空调从同一系统. Other homes have a split system that keeps their heater separate from their air conditioning. Not only do you need to know which system(s) you currently have, 但你应该决定是继续这样做,还是改变家里的供暖和制冷系统的运行方式. 也许你们在过去有一个分裂的系统, 但是你已经准备好把暖气和空调合用在一个系统里来节省家里的空间了. Or, perhaps you have the space to separate them and maintain two separate systems.

3. 类型的单位

一旦你决定了你计划使用的燃料来源和你应该运行的系统类型, then you will need to look at the kinds of models available for each. 例如, 如果你的炉子是用油的话, 你可以从上流中选择, 水平, 下流或废油模型. 它们都依靠油来运行系统, but the mechanics of how this is done varies between models. 这些模型的尺寸也各不相同, so you will need to consider the size of the space where the furnace will be located, 以及你家里现有的设备. A trained and certified technician from 明升亚洲手机版 Energy can visit your home to perform an 能源咨询 and help you choose the type of furnace that will best meet your needs. 

4. 分区

每个人都生活在一个家里,有些房间一直是温暖的,而另一些房间却是冰冷的. When you have an entire home operating off of one thermostat, this can be a common occurrence. Recent improvements in home heating have resulted in rising interest in zone heating, 在你家的不同区域设置不同的供暖系统是什么意思. 分区 is accomplished by using separate thermostats in different areas of your home, 以及在你家的加热管道内设置一系列的阻尼器,以切断某些区域的热量,并根据需要改善热量流向其他区域. 如果你有这个-或者你计划升级到这个-它应该考虑到你选择的熔炉.

5. 成本

Like most homeowners, you are probably worried about the costs associated with a new furnace. 你正在考虑买哪个炉子, 关注价格是很重要的, 但不要只关注价格标签. 您还需要考虑安装成本和炉子的额外配件成本,以及与转换你家的燃料源或将新炉子与旧系统连接相关的任何成本.

The cost of a furnace is also going to vary depending on its efficiency rating, 尺寸和室内空气质量特点. While we never recommend spending more than you can reasonably afford to pay, we also recommend choosing the one that is right for you. 有时, 提前花更多的钱意味着得到一个更好的单位,将在很长一段时间内很好地服务你和你的家人. 一种使新炉子的成本更易于管理的方法是为购买提供资金——你可以在几个月或几年里分期付款, 而不是一次性付清所有费用.

6. 大小

当你购买一个新熔炉, you should make sure that it is the correct size for the home that you have. If a furnace is too small for your home, it may not be able to provide adequate heat. 一个过大的熔炉也可能是一个问题. When a heating professional comes out to give you a quote, they can do a calculation to determine what size unit your home needs. The calculation looks at more than just the square footage of your home; it also takes other factors into account, 比如你的Windows的效率.


7. 的安装质量

你雇谁来安装你的新熔炉和你最终购买的设备一样重要. A furnace needs to be properly installed to operate as efficiently. 一定要确保你和有经验的人一起工作, highly recommended professionals who have a reputation for doing good work. All of 明升亚洲手机版 Energy’s technicians are trained and NATE-certified, 因此,您可以放心,他们将正确地执行安装,并将回答您可能有的任何问题.

8. 变速鼓风机和室内空气质量

炉 have two kinds of blowers — fixed-speed blowers and variable-speed blowers. 变速鼓风机更有益,因为他们做的正是他们的名字说的-他们改变的速度,与热量被吹进你的房子的每个房间. 这有助于保持热量甚至从一个房间到另一个房间, and it also generally is quieter than a fixed-speed blower.

除了高炉风机的类型, it is also important to know how it will impact the quality of the air inside of your home. The blower is used to distribute the warm air a furnace produces into the rooms of your home. It blows that air through a series of ducts inside of your home’s walls. If the furnace does not have an adequate air filtration system, it may blow dust and allergens through the ducts and into the rooms in your house. 炉子上的空气过滤器应该每年更换两次,以保持家里的空气质量. 每次维修炉子时,请确保您的加热和冷却专业人员检查这些过滤器——从安装开始. 在定期维护的间隙, 您可以更改这些过滤器 呼吸轻松,知道你的空气是干净的.

9. 服务协议

新炉子是一种投资, and it is one that should help to keep your home comfortable and cozy for years to come. 一种保护投资的方法是购买 服务协议 为您的新设备. Under a 服务协议, you get one free inspection and tune-up of your furnace each year. The agreement also provides protection for parts and repairs. 如果炉子的某些部分由于设备的定期磨损而出现缺陷, 明升亚洲手机版 Energy’s technicians will repair or replace them as needed. 


10. 退税和鼓励

如果你对高效炉感兴趣的话, you may qualify for incentives or discounts with your energy supplier. 和你的能源供应商联系, 以及您的安装专业人士,以了解您的炉子可能符合什么程序的想法.


The right furnace is a must-have for your home’s total comfort. 明升亚洲手机版能源公司致力于为马里兰州南部的家庭提供舒适所需的设备. 我们可以帮你决定是不是该 买一个新炉子 或者你现有的设备是否需要一些关注. 今天联系明升亚洲手机版能源公司 安排一个家庭能源咨询,并开始改善你的家的温暖和整体舒适度.