Heating and Cooling FAQS

明升亚洲手机版 Energy’s Heating & Cooling FAQs

NATE stands for North American Technician Excellence and is the largest non-profit certification organization for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration. NATE certifies installation and service technicians with a closed-book knowledge-based test.
Checking 明升亚洲手机版 Energy’s price of heating fuel oil is easy! Simply click here and enter your zip code.
Propane is a versatile product that provides affordable energy and reduces your carbon footprint. When it comes to adding propane to your home, it is important that propane tanks are installed according to the local laws in your area and installed with safety in mind. 明升亚洲手机版 Energy provides free in-home consultations to survey your home for safe installation, and walk you through important details about adding propane to your home.
Some oil tanks have a tank gage that can help estimate the amount of oil in your tank, but the best method is to stick your tank. This means taking a clean stick, such as a yardstick or broom handle and dipping it into your tank. You then can use a heating oil tank measurement chart to convert the number of inches of oil on the stick to an approximate number of gallons of oil in your tank.
There are many factors that determine if you should replace your HVAC system, such as: how often the system is used, the system’s overall efficiency, whether or not the system is meeting your personal comfort needs, and if the system has required more frequent and costly repairs. The average lifespan of most HVAC system is about 12 years.
Air filters should be replaced at a minimum of every 3 months, but for better air quality and efficiency, every month is best.

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