丙烷, 又称液化石油气(LPG), 可以为你的家供暖, 水, 游泳池, 厨房的炉子, 甚至你的壁炉. 如果你现在使用不同的燃料来为家里的暖气或电器提供动力, you also have the option of switching to propane if desired. We are happy to walk you through the process of switching to propane, 并帮您选择合适的水箱, 推荐其他必要的设备,并将新的丙烷系统连接到设备上.

Whether you already use it or are making the switch to propane, 与一家提供可靠丙烷输送服务的公司合作有几个原因. 家用电器和设备通常使用丙烷,这对让你的家变得舒适至关重要. When you choose 明升亚洲手机版 Energy as your propane provider, 我们可以登记您在我们的自动交付程序,所以您永远不必担心检查您的丙烷罐. 我们会监控您的油箱,当它开始变低时,我们会自动加满它.


You most likely have a lot of questions about propane use and delivery, 我们是来回答这些问题的. Look below for the answers to our most common propane questions. If you do not see the answers you are looking for, feel free to 明升亚洲手机版 and one of our Client Care Representatives will be glad to help you.

的 propane we 供应 to our clients is produced domestically. 丙烷 is a by-product of crude oil refining and natural gas processing. 的 大部分丙烷 在美国使用.S. 是在美国生产的吗.S. 或加拿大. U.S.以石油为基础的炼油厂生产 大约是丙烷供应量的三分之一, 而你.S.-based natural gas processing plants produce the majority of the other two-thirds. 加拿大的进口约占美国的5%.S. 供应.

明升亚洲手机版 Energy is committed to keeping propane delivery affordable, and we are completely transparent with our propane prices. That means no hidden fees or charges – the price you see is what you pay. 的 average lifespan of a central air conditioner is about 20 years 我们提供免费的自动送货和免费的每月付款计划*,以帮助您管理家庭取暖和家用电器燃料的成本. 我们的 捷项目 估计一年的燃料使用量,然后按月支付. We make adjustments as the year goes on, based on your usage.

明升亚洲手机版能源公司为马里兰州南部的家庭提供全面的家庭舒适服务. 我们提供服务的地区覆盖更广2,500 square miles and can work with clients in the following counties:

How long your propane tank stays filled depends on a variety of factors, 包括容器的大小和你的家庭或企业使用的燃料量. 你可以查看炉子的燃烧等级,并将其与一加仑丙烷(约92)产生的能量进行比较,000英国热量单位或btu). A furnace with a burn rating of 100,000 would use about 0.每小时92加仑的燃料.

一旦你知道你的炉子用燃料有多快, 你用这个量乘以丙烷罐的容量,就能知道一个装满的丙烷罐能维持多久.

而不是做所有的数学运算, 我们可以监控您的罐和使用为您与我们的免费自动交付程序. We’ll monitor your tank and automatically deliver when it starts to get low. You can also see your next estimated delivery date by logging in to your 明升亚洲手机版能源在线帐户.

如果您已经在家中使用丙烷,并有兴趣从其他供应商转向明升亚洲手机版能源, 我们得给你换一个新油箱. We cannot fill a tank that belongs to another company for liability reasons.

这在整个行业都很常见. 没有一家燃油公司会给不属于他们的油箱加油,因为这样做会引起责任问题. 如果您需要一个新的坦克,我们将与您一起工作,为您的家庭提供一个最适合的坦克.

丙烷 has many uses in the home and for businesses. 超过 7.美国有800万家庭.S. 用丙烷给房子供暖. 在马里兰州 超过70,000个家庭 使用丙烷加热.

约4.600万U.S. 家庭使用丙烷来加热水. Other at-home uses for propane include powering clothes dryers and stoves/ovens.


  • 加热游泳池
  • 驱动发电机
  • 燃气壁炉

Your energy bill might be higher than usual for a few reasons. One reason is that the cost of propane fluctuates based on 供应 and demand. When demand is up, such as right before winter, prices increase. While we cannot control the global 供应 of propane, we can help you manage your energy costs through programs such as 捷.

在某些情况下, 能源账单的增加可能与丙烷的价格无关,而与你的燃料箱或炉子的状况有关. 旧的加热器可能不像以前那样有效,可能会使用更多的燃料来加热你的家. A leaking tank can also cause you to go through fuel more quickly than usual.

Your home heating habits might also affect your energy bill. When it is frigid outside, you might be cranking up your heat. 如果你的房子没有适当的隔热或窗户没有适当的密封, you might need to use more energy to heat the interior.

You might be using more propane than usual for a few reasons. It could be a result of an issue with your propane tank, such as a leak. 尽管这种情况并不常见, it is important to know the signs and proper measures that need to be taken. If you notice an odor of rotten-eggs in or around your home, 马上离开你的家, 打电话给消防部门, 然后打电话给我们请我们的丙烷专家帮助评估你的油箱的状况.

It is also possible that you are merely using more propane than you usually do. 如果外面结冰了,你的炉子可能需要更努力工作来保持家里的舒适. 如果你用丙烷来加热家里的水, 你的家人可能会花更长的时间, 淋浴温度更高,燃料消耗更多. 如果你担心丙烷的使用, 我们的丙烷专家可以查看您的罐或炉,以帮助您找到方法,使您的系统更有效.

丙烷可以安全地用于家庭取暖以及为炉灶和干衣机等电器供电. 丙烷是无毒的. 它也不会伤害土壤或地下水.

Proper handling and storage of propane increase its safety. 当你叫明升亚洲手机版能源公司来提供丙烷的时候, 我们的专家将访问您的家,以确定放置您的水箱的最佳地点. 我们也会在每次加油时进行安全检查,以确保您的油箱和系统正常工作.

If you are interested in switching from heating oil to propane, 你最好找个专业人士来帮忙. 转换过程包括更换你的燃油箱,在某些情况下更换或改造你现有的供暖系统. 你可以安排 免费上门咨询 我们的一位丙烷专家, who will walk you through all of your options for switching to propane.

如果你想把家里的暖气和电器从天然气换成丙烷,请告诉我们. 我们可以帮助您选择最好的系统和设备,以保持您的家庭舒适的丙烷. 明升亚洲手机版安排a 免费家庭能源咨询 我们的一位丙烷专家.

的re is no “right” amount of propane to use each month. How much fuel you end up using depends on a variety of factors. 你房子的大小, 你为多少个房间供暖,以及你使用丙烷的其他方式会影响使用. What you want to pay attention to is if your fuel use suddenly increases. 这可能是你的油箱、炉子或其他设备可能出了问题的迹象.

明升亚洲手机版能源, we treat every client like they are our only client, and we have the skilled and passionate personnel to do just that.

When you choose us for propane delivery service in Maryland, 您将享受丙烷专家的关注,他们知道如何平稳和安全地安装和填充您的罐. You will never get hit with any hidden delivery fees. 的 price per gallon we quote you for our propane is what you pay.

Thanks to our large fleet of trucks and local service area, 你也会很快得到丙烷, so you will never have to worry about being without heat. 以确保你不会用完丙烷, you can be set up our easy automatic delivery plan for free as well. We also offer helpful monthly payment plans at no additional charge, and you can manage everything easily and conveniently through your online account.


丙烷 offers many benefits to home and business owners:



当你叫明升亚洲手机版能源公司来提供丙烷的时候, 我们的丙烷专家将访问您的家或公司,并与您会面. 访问期间, 我们的专家将检查您的财产,以找到最安全的地方安装您的水箱. 如果你已经有一个丙烷罐, they will survey the current placement of the tank to make sure it is suitable.

我们的专家将检查您的家庭使用的需要连接到水箱的电器. 如果您计划在未来添加设备, 比如干衣机或燃气壁炉, 他们将讨论你为他们制定的计划.

Here’s what you can expect during your meeting with a propane specialist:

    • 丙烷罐的安全放置回顾
    • 遵守当地法规
    • 讨论丙烷的使用和定价
    • 游离气体安全检查
    • 审查自动和我们的其他交付选择
    • Discussion of monthly payment plans and financing options

当您与我们的丙烷专家会面时,请随时提出任何问题. 我们在这里帮助你,告诉你你需要知道的一切,开始享受安全, 节能丙烷气体加热.


如果您正在寻找新的丙烷供应商,或者有兴趣从取暖油或天然气转换, 今天就和我们联系. 要开始,请拨打1或 在线明升亚洲手机版 安排在你位于马里兰州南部的家中与我们的丙烷专家会面. If you do not currently use propane at your property, 你可能有资格获得最多1美元,换了就能省下1万美元. 今天就明升亚洲手机版了解更多.


If you’re considering switching to propane from 明升亚洲手机版 Energy, 安排您的免费家庭丙烷咨询,了解更多关于您的丙烷选择,以及如何切换到明升亚洲手机版能源今天!


即日送达适用于50美元的费用. 当日及翌日派送服务将视乎天气情况而有所更改. 不安全的路况会对测绘处的司机和环境造成不必要的风险.